The Cover! THE COVER!

Written By: Janna - Jun• 28•13

I kind of wish my husband could have recorded the happy dance I did when Ravven Kitsune sent over the mockups of the cover for A Grimm Legacy.  Because then I could put it on the website and we could all have a good laugh.  Maybe I’ll try to recreate it one day.

That is when it felt like I had done something real.  Seeing my name of the bottom.

So hopefully you’ll all be on tender hooks until October 1s (the release date), because I will be.  I’ll also be joyfully editing like crazy.

In other writing news:  I’m waiting on my final edits to come back, and waiting has never been my strong point.  Although I have to say that the publishing process has taught me patience like nothing else has.  Even growing a baby doesn’t take as long 🙂

So while I wait, I’m finishing the second installment of my Grimm tales, which had to be done anyway.  I wrote two chapters this week and loved them.  I laughed myself silly.  Of course I’ll go back and read it in a month or two and see if I was just really tired as I wrote, or actually funny.  Time will tell.  One more chapter to go, and then off to the editing process.  Beta readers get ready, you’re up next.

grimm_final copy

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  1. Tyler H Jolley says:

    Hey Jenna, congrats on your cover reveal day!

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