A Grimm Curse: A Grimm Tales Novella

Written By: Janna - Nov• 22•15

Tada! The latest installment in the Grimm Tales: A Grimm Curse.

The new cover gives me chills every time.

This tale is shorter than the rest and takes place as a stand alone prequel. Both good reasons to call it a novella, but don’t worry, it’s still packed with fairy tale characters refusing to follow the rules. Familiar faces (not necessarily nice ones!) make an appearance, and you’ll see where Andi inherited her spunky attitude from.

A Grimm Curse

“In this form you shall remain until a princess shows no disdain.”

Long before Andi discovers Elorium, an orphan girl befriends an enchanted frog while her cursed stepsister plots revenge in a twist that can only transpire in a fairy tale.

This stand-alone prequel to the Grimm Tales follows Cynthia, Andi’s grandmother, who is dragged in to the palace’s circle of glitter and privilege by her stepmother. Lady Wellington’s obsessive quest for a crown for one of her daughters has ensnared Cynthia and her musical talent in her scheme. Cynthia turns the nightmarish concert into a gesture of true friendship in an attempt to reverse the curse of a frog prince.

Attempting to be invisible to her abusive stepfamily while sidestepping the arrogant prince, Cynthia searches for an understanding princess to change Remi back to his rightful form.

Things do not go as planned when Remi disappears, leaving their friendship in his wake. Meanwhile, the single-minded Prince Wilhelm is determined to make Cynthia his bride. With a cursed stepsister threatening to upend Cynthia’s delicately balanced situation, her time in Elorium is drawing to a close as revelations of who she is and the truth about their world comes to light in this reimagined fairy tale.


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