Happy Book day (and Happy Birthday!)

Written By: Janna - Oct• 29•14

I’ve managed to keep up the tradition at lease one year. Happy book day and Happy Birthday (to me!). It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since A Grimm Legacy was launched into the world.

The year had brought broken bones and rear-ended cars, beach vacations, and a kid that needed glasses. The entire family has gotten hooked on Settler’s of Catan  (the nine-year-old has beat me more than once). And for Halloween this year, we are representing as the Ghostbusters characters (including Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmellow man… oh man, wish I could post a picture). And Patchwork Press has EXPLODED with new authors.

In the midst of working, making endless school lunches, and general LIFE, a book got written.

B2 Grimm Memories

Erica Crouch has outdone herself again with the cover (which I’ve already gotten several compliments on, Erica!) The entire process when more smoothly this time, having done it once, but I still would have never gotten here with out my beta readers Brandon, Brittany, Jared, and Jessica. My editor Kara who kept my adverbs in check, and of course the person who’s not only works tireless on my books in various capacities, but is one of my most ardent cheerleaders, Kellie.

I loved writing this book. It’s like having a second child. They’re still a lot of work, but at least you’ve got an idea what your doing the second time around so you can concentrate on enjoying them instead of just managing to keep them alive.

I really felt my characters come into their own, and my creativity bump up a notch. Thanks for staying with me as I learn and write.

And to end this post… an exciting bit of news. There will be another Grimm Tale! This story takes place before A Grimm Legacy, and it tells the tale of Andi’s grandmother, Cynthia. It’s been written and is currently in the hands of my marvelous beta readers. Wish I could give you more of a timetable than that, but I can’t!

Happy Reading!






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