The Beauty of a Bent Book

Written By: Janna - Apr• 21•14

Recently I got the absolutely exhilarating opportunity to speak with a book club about my book. Six lovely ladies had actually sat down and read A Grimm Legacy. I don’t get a lot of reader feedback, and I get even less in person. Fair enough to say, this is the first time I’ve spoken with anyone about my book that wasn’t family.

Beside the fact that they had only encouraging things to say (and quite a few sequel ideas) what really drew my eye were their copies of the books. The majority had downloaded an e-book version, but the paperbacks had character.

The covers were slightly worn on the edges with the occasional bent corner. Their spines were broken, pages creased, ink slightly smudged.

They were beautiful.old book

They had been read. Stuffed in purses, cracked open at doctor’s offices and on lunch breaks, left tented on a nightstand—if was as if they hadn’t become an actual book until they had been read. It reminded me of the Velveteen Rabbit, who by the time he was Real, he was very shabby, but it didn’t matter.

Feel free to love my books to death.

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