What’s missing from A Grimm Legacy?

Written By: Janna - Feb• 09•14

Throughout the course of writing and editing a book, things naturally get cut and changed. This process, while it can be painful to the author, ultimately has the interest of book at heart.

I’ve added a new page to the website in which I’ll be adding new ‘deleted scenes’ on occasion. I’ve started with the largest edit I made to A Grimm Legacy, a whopping 10,000 words–over three chapters. It got replaced with a fast paced 2,000 word rescue scene.

At the time it was a little like cutting off a limb, but as usual, my editor was right, the additional story line made things more complicated as wasn’t really necessary.

Several comments I’ve gotten back from reviews of Grimm mention Quinn’s seemingly helpless role through most of the book. And I have to it admit, she did seem that way at times, due to this cut.  I included this deleted scene in an attempt to give a more complete glimpse of Quinn, and get you excited for Grimm Memories, where her character is front and center.

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