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A few more hidden gems

Time to expand the ‘deleted scenes’ portion of my website. With a new writer and a first novel, there’s just so much material to work with. Why let it molder on my hard drive when it can entertain the masses? The particular piece I’ve added today was cut from chapter twenty-two in A GRIMM LEGACY. […]

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What’s missing from A Grimm Legacy?

Throughout the course of writing and editing a book, things naturally get cut and changed. This process, while it can be painful to the author, ultimately has the interest of book at heart. I’ve added a new page to the website in which I’ll be adding new ‘deleted scenes’ on occasion. I’ve started with the […]

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Inspiration for Elorium Woods

Over a year ago, I took a trip to the San Francisco area. My husband and I on our 10th anniversary trip trucked up and down the coast and visited places like Napa Valley and the Muir woods. Flipping through the photographs, I realized what really inspired the woods of Elorium. These pictures look like […]

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